The ‘Often Delayed’ Update

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Haven’t worked on much in the last several months at all. The previous time I dug deep in to something on the car was back in September when the coolant system got an overhaul. The DeLorean has mostly sat in the garage awaiting the start of small jobs. And then it waited a bit longer.

Well the annual Celebration Exotic show is coming up, and I wanted to get a few things tackled before then. First off was the valve covers. I wanted to paint them, redo the seals which were leaking a bit and poorly done, and adjust the valves. That job has been completed, and below is a pic of the valve covers while being painted. Fully installed pictures will come later.

Second, I wanted to redo the outer door seals that have been in a box for the last year and a half. In doing that I also wanted to paint the window trim which was rubbed off in spots. The window trim is back on but the seals are still being installed. A picture of the window trim painting is also below.

That may be the extent prior to the show, but on the list to do still is painting the engine bay, touching up the front frame rust, and fixing the A/C system. The A/C has a small leak at the compressor clutch, so the compressor and accumulator will be replaced, along with the low pressure switch, and the system will be flushed/refilled.