Radiator replacement begins…finally

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Well I have had these low power fans from Toby @ DeLorean Parts Northwest since February and just never had the time or spare cash to pick up a new radiator. Then, toward the end of June I had an otterstat failure, and then the middle of July the otterstat started to leak (the car was not driven once the otterstat failed in June). I figured that since I had to drain the system anyway to get the otterstat fixed, now is as good of time as any to do the rest of the coolant system.

So, picked up the 3-core brass radiator from John @ Special T Auto as well as some other parts such as the new otterstat, some hose clamps, fused fan fail, etc. Ended up grabbing a NOS coolant pipe bracket from Rob @ PJ Grady to replace a crappy one in the engine bay. And finally some coolant hose from McMaster Carr.

The plan is to replace the radiator with the new 3-core, install the new coolant fans, replace the broken otterstat, replace the remainder of the coolant hoses under the car (as the engine bay was done during the valley of death teardown), replace the fan fail device with a regular fused unit, install a bleeder by the radiator (if the new 3-core doesn’t have one), do some rust touchup on the front frame extension, and repaint the A/C condenser.

As for the electrical work, I am planning on getting rid of the fan fail device as mentioned above and using a fused jumper (sold by Special T Auto) but putting lower rated fuses due to the lower powered fans. I may also drop the circuit breaker down a bit. In addition, I plan on cutting into the wire that turns on the fans when the A/C compressor runs and instead attach it to the mode switch, so the fans will be on continually when the A/C is running. I dislike how they kick on and off with the compressor. Finally, I am going to replace the red LED light behind the “Cooling” text on the center console with a blue LED. The “Cooling Fan Fail” light already came on when the fans were on, so I had covered up from behind the “Fan Fail” text. It will continue to do so now and I like it like that, just would like the light to be blue instead of red.

So far I have removed the sway bar, shroud around the radiator, horns, hoses up by the radiator, drained the system, unbolted most of the radiator (lower brackets are loose) and removed the fuel closing plate. Next up is replacing all the hoses, otterstat, and then waiting for help with the radiator dropping and replacement.