Dynamat placement on parcel shelf/back wall

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I have wanted to replace the old foam under the parcel shelf carpet for some time now. The middle section that goes over the fiberglass has cracked and been flaking off the rubber top, and the foam has a bad odor to it. When the car sits closed for a while it definitely is noticeable.

Today I took out the back wall and removed the electrical access panels behind the driver and passenger seat. I scraped off the old foam which came out in small chunks as it tore easily. Once out I cleaned the area and applied Dynamat Xtreme to the center section. Since the original foam is about 3/8″ thick and the Dynamat is about 1/16″ or a bit more thick there was a gap between the electrical access panels when in compared to the center section. I picked up some rubber carpet runner at Lowes for about $4 a foot. Cut this to fit and used rubber weatherstripping glue to seal it to the Dynamat.

I then put another layer of Dynamat over the rubber (after letting the glue sit for about 6 hours). I also decided to Dynamat the access panels as well as the rear wall. Haven’t had a chance to reassemble everything yet and take it out as I want to make sure that any odor from the glue or rubber dissipates before closing everything in.