Beginning of frame rust repair

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Let me start off by saying for the most part, my frame is in fairly good shape. In some spots where there are welds or seams the epoxy has started to chip and of course rust starts, but this seems to be common on these cars at 25 years old (this month for my car). 🙂

However, on my car there are a few spots that are worse off than anything else. Those would be right below the transmission across the engine brace part of the frame. The epoxy started peeling and the frame has rust around the edges. I am assuming this was from a leaky slave cylinder that the previous owner never replaced. The other area is the tow hooks, which my guess is the car was hauled on a carrier and the tow hooks flexed causing the epoxy to crack, thus rust sprung up. Finally I have rust in the front frame extension on the passenger side, which upon talking to Rob Grady at a tech day said it was common from cars that are driven in the rain then parked on a street, causing the water to pool up in that area. Since I have no idea when or where the previous owner drove/parked the car, I can only guess this is true.

So I started today in cleaning up the major areas of rust, so that no damage occurs to the safety and support structure of the frame from being eaten away. I will hope to touch up any spot of rust or cracking epoxy that I see, to prevent any damage in the future. Here are some shots of before of the tow hooks and below the transmission, and then after I sanded the areas down for a while. Next will be some POR-15 and then matching spray paint.