Upcoming job list

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Well finally have a bit of free time to get some tasks done. Spent several hours the other day cleaning out my garage. I have a new list of things I would like to tackle with the car in the coming months:

(1) Frame rust fix – going to start this tomorrow, sand down and POR15 a few rust spots on the frame and then spraypaint over the POR15 to match the frame.

(2) Steering wheel adjustment – after replacing the horn switch I misaligned the ring that disables the turn signal after a turn. Need to pop off the wheel and adjust.

(3) Finish hooking up new horns and running a relay

(4) Install new rear finishing strip – replacing broken one, have part, need to install

(5) Brake system overhaul – replace all calipers, resurface or replace rotors, new stainless brake lines, replace master cylinder

(6) Remove and paint valve covers

(7) Replace A/C compressor, accumulator, low pressure switch, evacuate, pressure test, and refill system with R12