Horn switch replaced

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Continuing on with the electrical work over the past few weeks, I am now finally getting around to fixing the sketchy horn. Ever since I have purchased this car, the horn worked 40% of the time at best. After several tests, my assumption was that the wiring was melted in the horn stalk, or had some other sort of catastropic event take place, as you would have power on one end but not on the other. Come to find out if you install higher powered horns these wires do melt, and I am 99% sure my horns are not original.

Purchased a new stalk unit from DMC Florida and went about installing it today. Not terribly hard, used the directions from the DML, which weren’t 100% correct. They recommend using 1/4″ bolts 4″ long and washers to fit on the other side as support. However, the holes on my wheel do not go through to the other side, so instead as the threads were close I forced the bolts in about 1/4″ and just used the puller to pop the wheel off. Very easy, 5 minutes tops if I had to do it again.

Removing and installing the new unit was a breeze, here are some pics of the process. Unfortunately, its not a lot to look at, the first picture is the old unit, the second pic is the new unit, and the last is the wheel back together.