Third brake light install completed

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Special thanks to Shannon from the Ohio DeLorean Club for the part #’s.

For this install you are going to need 2 rolls of 16 gauge wire, some quick disconnects, and the brake lights of your choice. I went with “Red Lens, Mini Red 12-LED Brake Light ZX830680R Each $10.99” from I decided to go this route rather than the LED bars on the louvers as I like the lines of the car, wanted something more hidden, and didn’t want to drill into my louvers to mount a light. For me, this is as much about looks as it is safety.

Also thanks to Mike from the DeLorean Club of Florida for running the wires and installing the lights for me. He is a master at wiring and makes everything beautiful and clean. Here are some install pictures at the DeLorean Club of Florida’s tech session, along with some finished shots later on the next day.

(Please excuse the dirty car, it needs a bath)