New ‘to do’ list

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Now that I have had time to play around more that the valley of death job is done, I have put together a new ‘to do’ list. Some of these jobs are easy, some a tiny bit more complicated…

(1) Tackle the engine rough start issue. This can be attributed to several things, so I am going to do the following:
– Replace the Thermo-Time Switch
– Clean battery grounds
– Check all circuitry in the cold start/hot start circuit
– Possibly replace warm up regulator if still running rough
– Possibly replace the fuel accumulator if still running rough
– Replace fuel filter and 02 sensor

(2) Fix both doors:
– Adjust passenger side hinges so door shuts flush
– Fix drivers side front latch so it actually works
– Replace fir-tree connectors in door panels so they fit more flush
– Replace foam around passenger side bottom door panel as it is ripping

(3) Complete the following misc. stuff:
– Torque rear frame bolts
– Paint louvers with SEM Trim Black
– Rebuild mode switch
– Fix glove box light
– Possibly take torsion bars down one notch
– Finish using leatherique on both seats
– Possibly redye leather seats
– Remove valve covers, paint, & replace gaskets
– Adjust air conditioning cycling
– Touch up frame rust with POR-15