Lots accomplished at the Central FL tech session

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Had a great time on Saturday at the Central Florida DMC club tech session. Managed to get several jobs done on my car that I have been meaning to get to.

#1 was changing the 25 year old transmission oil. Wow that stuff smells. Just took out the top bolt and bottom bolt, drained the smelly old fluid out, & cleaned up the tranny. Then teflon taped the bottom bolt, put it back in, filled her up, and plugged the transmission and she was good to go.

#2 was changing the oil. 3000 miles since the last change which was done August 2005. This time I put in the heavier 20w50 now that I am in a warmer climate. We will see if it makes any difference.

#3 was replacing the old (& partially bent) radio antenna. Picked up the cheap replacement for $14. Bit of a pain to get it lined up right in the vents, but thanks to the help of Mike C. got it installed and working great.

Here are some pictures of the gathering: