Finishing engine reassembly after VOD overhaul

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Many thanks go out to Brandon for spending the last 4 1/2 hours with me sweating our a$$es off in the Florida heat reassembling my engine in time to get it over to the tech session this weekend.

The first picture is right after we hooked up the vacuum hoses, and Brandon put on the distributor, intake seals, and hooked up the electrical connections. At this point I was under the car getting a nice coolant bath as I disconnected the old heater return valve line and connected the new one up.

The next picture is of the almost fully assembled engine. This is about 3 hours later, and is what I call the “Shit, I forgot I leant Mike H. my idle speed motor!” shot. After all that work and we never got it fully running. Oh well, no biggie. Mike’s gonna bring it by tomorrow and we will get it all finished up. Will have to call Brandons cell phone and leave him a voicemail as we get the car started for the first time since the rebuild.