More Valley of Death pictures

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Ended up getting out the y-pipe but not without a problem. One of the four bolts snapped as it was coming out. Luckily there was enough thread sticking up to get some vise grips on it and turn it out.

Took out the water pump and have it fully disassembled. Getting the bolts out of the back was a complete pain. They were in there VERY tight. Its sitting here waiting to have the new parts replaced and reassembled.

Got the heater return pipe out. I am just going to sand mine down and repaint it, rather than use the bent (crimped) stainless pipe I purchased from a vendor.

Removed the old slave cylinder and replaced it with the part that I have had sitting here for the past 2 months. Good thing too, as the old cylinder was definitely starting to leak. Glad that is finally done, as it is why the engine was torn down in the first place!

The car is ready to have the valley detailed and painted. I need to get moving as the car has to be operable in 2 weeks to make it to the tech session. Pictures below of the current condition of the engine, as well as the heater return pipe I am going to redo, and the one I am sending back.