Attempted rejuvination of the seats with Leatherique

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Just of note, I didn’t fully follow the instructions to the letter that came along with Leatherique. It says to leave the car in the sun for several hours to get the interior nice and hot, or use a blowdryer. My goal was to leave it in the garage as in the Florida sun the garage usually gets up to 120 or 130 I’d say when its 90+ out. Plus my engine is torn apart. Of course today (put the oil on last night) it was much cooler and cloudy so the garage probably only hit 100.

Even though I didn’t do it as good as I want to (I will be redoing it) and used 1/2 of the amount of oil they tell you to use, take a look at these before and after pics…the leather was stiff and dry, now it is soft and very flexible. Before I sat in the seat and it just compressed with very little leather flex, now I sit down and it wrinkles around me. Only did the drivers side to test it out, will do the whole car and park it outside once its back together.