Celebration Exotic Car Show

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April 29th 2006 was this years Celebration Exotic Car Show in Celebration, FL. As I have only been in Florida for several days now, I was very much looking forward to meeting the local owners and participating in my first big auto show.

I met up with several owners the previous night at Brandon’s house. We worked on prepping the cars for the show, and I had to give my car a bath to clean off all the dirt attached to it from being towed 1,300 miles. After a nice few hours of conversation the mosquitos came out which pretty much broke up the gathering.

We arrived back at Brandon’s at 8:30am the next morning to do a caravan to the show. This is my second time in a D caravan, but the first time I was not an owner, just a follower. It was very fun, we took some winding back roads into Disney. Enjoyable and very interesting.

The show turned out to be a success. There were about 12-14 DeLoreans present at any point during the day. Many people seemed to enjoy seeing the cars all gathered together. Of course I did get a few drug comments, and a few flux capacitor jokes, but nothing too bad. The first picture below is the front of my car, if you look close you can see the freshly painted grill and bumper compared to the discoloration of the lower front spoiler which will be worked on soon.

The second picture here is of the ‘judges’ looking over the engine bay and picking at which parts I didn’t buy from them! 🙂 We have Stephen Wynne, Rob Grady, and Tony from DMC Florida.

The remaining pictures are of the line of DeLoreans at the show. If you are familiar with Celebration, we were around the lake in the downtown corridor next to the Celebration Hotel.