Bumper repaint underway

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Began this week to repaint the front and rear bumpers. Both had been scraped at the corners by the previous owner, as well as the front bumper having other paint marks on it. Both were looking a bit faded and could use a fresh coat of paint to brighten them up.

For this job I decided to use Duplicolor Trim Black available at Advance Auto Parts. This paint worked fairly well on the bumpers with little trouble. Being not the best at spraypaints I thought this job was pretty painless. More time was spent in taping off the bumpers than anything else.

The only problem I experienced was on the front bumper. Some of the grey paint seems to have begun to peel where the grey meets the black of the bumper. I have not decided how I want to fix it yet, as of now it just looks like a small amount is bubbling, nothing has ripped completely off yet.

Here are some poor (camera phone) pictures of the car taped up before and after. Due to the quality you will probably not be able to tell the difference. Check for the next post regarding the car show for some good pictures of the freshly painted bumper.