LED interior light update pictures

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First, for those who think the binnacle would not look good with LEDs, or look too dim, heres a pic for you. Rather than replace with the WLED-W white bulbs on superbrightleds.com I used the WLED white 6 LED bulb. It is bright, gives the car a more modern white with a tint of blue light, and looks great with the odometer and tripometer.

Now for those who have been asking for the stereo install pics, here they are. Along with them, I also got in pics of the new A/C panel setup. I followed what Delorean03 suggested with using 3 blue LEDs for the backlighting and 1 red LED for the temp selector lighting. 2 reds for the door lock and fan fail, and 1 amber for the defrost (yes I used the defrost several times last year). I took the first pic with a slightly different exposure and a garage light on that definitely shows a more uniform lighting appearance with the LEDs on the A/C panel. The rest were on a high exposure to get the most color I could, taken in complete darkness. The last picture is of the stereo opened.