Steering wheel pad gets second chance at life

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Thanks to DeCobra for describing how to go about doing this in this thread.

As mentioned in the above thread, I picked up a nice piece of vinyl from JoAnn Fabrics (not sure how nationwide they are) but I am sure any arts & crafts store would sell the same stuff. The sell two types, one with a thick rubber backing and one with a fabric backing. Your going to need the fabric backing one as it can be removed so the vinyl is as thin as possible. In total of the roll I think the lady at the store cut 10 inches of a 1 yard roll, so I had a lot of excess in case I screwed up, and it only cost $1.17. Your also going to need some sort of spray adhesive, make sure you get one that lists permanent hold as needing 1 minute or more to dry before adhering. Cost at WalMart was $2.28

Take the vinyl and peel off the fabric. This is going to leave a bit of fuzz. Try to remove as much as you can. Spray a coat of glue on the entire front surface of the pad. Let it sit for a minute, then place the vinyl over it. Stretch it as much as you can onto and around the rim of the pad. I cannot stress how much this stuff can be stretched, so keep pulling it until the entire front has the OEM look. I then flipped it over and sprayed lightly around the back rim, waited, and then finished stretching the vinyl around. I then took another tip from the thread listed above from Patrick C, and used a stapler to finish securing the vinyl in place. Trimmed it with scissors and let it sit overnight.

Honestly, I didn’t think it would come out this good, but it looks great. In the DeLorean you could not be able to tell it’s not a replaced NOS part. See pics of the pre pad and the finished pad below: