New stereo on its way

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Today I went ahead and ordered one of the stereo’s I was eyeing for the DeLorean. I was considering several Sony stereos with the active black face, so it would fit in with the cars looks once installed. I did not want anything like todays usual stereos with lots of flashy colors and buttons to them, as I want it to look natural with the car at a show. Sony seems to be the only company making the active black stereo’s any more, and they have had several models in the past year. For the older models, you can get them refurbished for about $180-$220 (as they sell for upwards of $350 new. However, Crutchfield had a sale this week on the CDX-M8815X for $200 new, so I just had to go for it. With a coupon it came to $180 new, with free shipping.

I have decided to not purchase the DMC Houston bracket and instead hack up my own. I decided on this for two reasons. One, I am not going to be going back to stock, and plan on selling my original radio. I am all for keeping the car look ‘stock’ while still updating the car as indiscretely as possible. Two, the new one is not painted, and I have a feeling any job I do would not come out looking like the original.

See pictures of the unit I plan to install below: