Wacky Tachometer…electrical issue?

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I just seem to be breaking things the last 24 hours…first my fiancees hard drive died when I was using the computer, then the D had issues leaving for work, now I am at work and my monitor just started to crap out on me…

So, I get in the car to head to work today, make it half way down the block and decide that the window open is not going to be cool enough heading to work, so I close it up and turn on the AC to MAX. Right away the tach goes from aroudn 2k (in 3rd) to 7k. Now I immediately saw it and slammed on the clutch and put it in neutral. As I had the radio on and the AC blowing, I didn’t hear the engine rev that much, but I wasn’t certain. So, turned off the AC (assuming that was the issue, starting to troubleshoot) and get going again in first, without problem. I make it around the corner and down the street with no problem, so I put the AC back on and right away the tach starts jumping wildly again. This time the radio is off and the engine sounds completely normal, yet the tach is at 5.5k, 7k, 4k, all over the place. I slow a bit and it lowers by 2k. So, I turn around, head home, and park it.

Heading home I was in 3rd and the tach showed 4k, yet the engine sounded fine. I thought it might be a belt as it seemed to happen when I kicked on the AC, but I heard no belt squeeling, but still checked the belts upon getting home and they were both there. Didnt have time to mess with the car as I was then running late so I left for work.

Per the DeLorean Mailing List it is probably a ground that needs to be cleaned behind the rear parcel shelf. Will have to check this out tomorrow morning.