Wow a step up…from mono to stereo (sort of)

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Today was the day from hell. I have (finally, successfully) completed the worst job to date on the DeLorean. No, it did not have anything to do with the engine, suspension, braking system, clutch, transmission, or even the trailing arm bolts (which were actually pretty easy), it had to do with changing out the dash speakers. Honestly the longest, most drawn out, ridiculous job I have ever been faced with. If I would have known it was going to take 4 hours, I would have let the shop do it. They probably would have billed me up the ass, but that would have been much easier and less stressful.

The story began when I got up today determined to accomplish SOMETHING, ANYTHING with the car. Turned out the spark plug wires were still going to wait for another weekend, and the only thing I could seem to accomplish was replacing the DMC sticker on the air intake box. I tried putting the new DMCH stickers on the engine compartment lid, but for the life of me the 25 year old stickers had no stick left in them. This really pisses me off as the set was something along the lines of $35 and I am sure none of the rest of the stickers will adhere either, with the exception of the first one I applied. Yay.

So I wanted to change out the circuit breakers, but the ones I bought from Hervey had the posts and I did not want to mess with all the crimping and splicing. Drove around aimlessly looking for the proper replacement to no avail. Decided, hey, I need some new speakers anyway why not start with those today.

Previously I only had the front passenger speaker working, and the rear passenger whenever it wanted to (although the volume was very weak). I plan on installing a new stereo, speaker wire, etc over the winter, but for now have very little to listen with while driving. The dash speakers seem the hardest to match up, so I figured I’d buy them local (and get reamed $$$ in the process by not buying online) since I would be able to test out the fit. Found some nice Alpine, SPS-0829 40W Max, 10W RMS, 2-way 3 1/2″ speakers that have a nice rim to stop the tweeter from ripping through the dash vinyl. Perfect.

However, they designed the car with no hope of ever replacing the stock speakers. There is so little room to fit in under the footwell, not to mention that you can only get one arm up in the crevice to reach the old speaker. A nice swivel socket wrench helped remove the old speaker, but putting the new one in is 100x more difficult. I needed to push it up under the dash with one hand, and sort of twist it to wedge it in place to get the other hand up there with the end of the swivel socket to tighten it up. The problem is the loose nut in the socket sucks right to the magnet of the speaker. After toying with gum, tape, and other substances to hold the nut in the speakers were finally in place 3 hours later. A long job for such an easy task if I had more room and could defy the power of magnets.

But, I failed to mention that I tested the speakers before installing and the driver side still did not work. Deducted it had to be a wire problem so checked the wires. Removed center console to get behind it, and everything was A-OK. Decided rather than screw around, I just crimped the driver side front into the output for the passenger rear as I know it works, and voila, two working speakers.

Sound is decent right now, better than the old speakers. It is still being put out by a 25 year old deck, so I am sure it will change very much in a few months. See, I eventually did accomplish something today.