Current “To Do” list

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After working last night, here is the updated list of things to do in order of importance:

1. Fix the “high idle” – going to check the idle speed motor tonight as well as check for vaccum leaks.

2. Replace the tires – already have been ordered from, going with Fuzion 195/60/14s in the front and 225/60/15s in the back (a bit smaller in the back, but a much more common size).

3. Bleed the brakes – will do this on the weekend when the tires are off.

4. Fix the passenger door strut – DMC Houstons strut blew last weekend, and they are out of stock currently. Ordered one from SpecialT to replace it, should be in this week.

5. Fix the bonnet struts – not DMCH struts, but they do not seem to want to hold the hood up.

6. Replace belts – already have them sitting around, just need to be put on.

7. Engine light – bulb works, but switch tends to short out or has some other funky issues. Have a new switch en route.

8. Interior lights – dome lights are all screwed up, enough said. Not sure how to fix, will have to play with.

9. Grease steering wheel – makes a noisy rubber sound when turned, I think the bushing needs to be lubed.

10. Recharge A/C – drivers need cool air too.