A miss on the quest for a DeLorean

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Well, I checked out the eBay auctions today and there were a few new listings. One was for a car in California that had one owner, 33k miles, and has been stored for 8+ years. They had a buy it now of $8,200 on the car. I figured by the time I added shipping and […]

Grand Bend 2005

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This weekend I traveled on a 3 1/2 hour adventure to Grand Bend, Ontario. We met there with several DeLorean owners in a meet put together by Marv from the DeLorean Mailing List. Everybody was extremely nice and supportive, and I received plenty of information from the owners. I have a list started of maintenance […]

The search for a DeLorean begins…

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(Or to explain more percisely, has already begun…) Well, after being in love with this car for more than twelve years, I have begun my search to obtain a DeLorean for use as a daily driver and show car. I know it sounds a bit ackward, but I want to take a car, give it […]

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