First time driving a stick & misc DeLorean spotting

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Well today was my first lesson on how to drive a manual transmission.

Yes, I bought a car before I knew how to drive it. However, as I still have 3 days before I pick the car up, I have some time to learn. It has been something I have always wanted to learn, and still do, after my first lesson today.

Luckily my uncle has a manual truck, and he was nice enough to take the time out today and tomorrow to show me how things work. I have read some walkthroughs online before so knew the gist of what not to do to cause damage to the transmission. I knew better not to grind gears, or stop without the clutch engaged. That helped very much, but the hard part was getting used to the feeling of going from not moving, to moving.

My uncle tossed me the keys right from the start, and I was a bit uneasy. After stalling several times at two stop signs, I was on a main road and on the highway. Shifting once I was moving, as well as stopping, and downshifting to go around corners was not a problem. We went to an open parking lot where I had more time to practice starting and stopping. The practice definitely helped, but even after 30 or so odd times of going from stopped to first gear, I still was stalling occasionally getting back home.

I think several problems came about today that caused the higher ratio of stalls to successful launches than I would have expected. First was that I was wearing big work shoes that were not the most easy to feel or control while easing off of the clutch. Second, my uncle suggested that I sit closer to the clutch for a better feel, however I think this caused problems as I was not as accurate letting the clutch out just using my heel as I would have been using my entire leg. Third, I think the truck has a bit too much torque than a normal car would, and the gas was more touchy than I expected. None of these are excuses for my stalling, but things I will try to fix tomorrow if I can control them, and others I will be more aware of. Hope to have better luck on lesson #2.

In other news, I was driving to work and spotted a DeLorean at the shop. First one I have seen in the area in two years. I stopped by to check it out after work, and it was vin #4027, an automatic with plain hood (no grooves, no DeLorean logo) and I believe black interior. Also of note was it had a front mounted antenna that it looks like the owner snapped off, or it broke off. At least I know I am not the only person in the area that will have a D, and the garage working on it was one I noted earlier as having experience. Good to know!