Purchasing parts before I have the car

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Today I called up the Delorean Motor Company of Houston and placed an order for seveal parts to spruce up the look of the car. First I needed some black plastic wheel caps to replace the silver currently on the car. I decided to do this because it is the original look of the late model car, and I did not care for the full silver rim by itself. Along with that I picked up two blank keys with the DMC logo on them that I can have cut once the car arrives.

I also called up SpecialT Auto and talked to John for a bit. We touched on some work that I would like done in the future, but for the time being I ordered a stainless steel license plate frame (as the car does not come from a state that requires front and back plates) as well as a stainless throttle cover (recall issue, especially important for the cars future winter driving).