More parts purchased

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In addition to the parts purchased for the exterior of the car, I purchased a refurbished dash binnacle from SpecialT to replace the current cracked one on the car. I have not seen the dashboard in much detail, but depending on when the dash cover was installed, the dash itself may also need to be repainted.

One thing mentioned from the owner was that the A-pillar (or A-posts) were warped from the sun. While talking to DMC Houston I asked to order the two to replace, but Warren said to do it correctly the windshield would need to be removed. This is one step beyond what I am capable of, so I decided to skip it until I could investigate furthur. After reviewing some information on the DML I read an article from an owner who removed and replaced his without removing the windshield. I am going to take a look at how they are set up and installed before I order these parts.