Made the leap…

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Ok, so I did it.

Actually I did it yesterday. I was bidding on a car on eBay and won. Even though I knew what I was doing, I was still shocked to have had it happen. I was in a state of shock for the entire day, and never had a chance to post about it. I am just starting to hit that feeling of excitement, and the queeziness is starting to subside. It feels like it is not really happening, as I have been in love with the car since I was 8. I have a lot to look forward to over the coming weeks.

The car itself was a good deal, one of the lower cost (working) cars I have seen sell on eBay in the past few months. The car was originally in California/Nevada, and then sold to a person in Kansas. He started fixing it up and has put a lot of money into getting the engine rebuilt, a lot of the car updated, and safety issues taken care of (such as the trailing arm bolts, and electrical components). I was debating picking the car up and driving it back the 18 hours, but I think I have decided just to have it shipped.

The car, while being mechanically sound, does have some small issues that need to be addressed. First the LAMBDA counter needs to be reset, second the speedometer angle drive assembly needs to be replaced, and third, the passenger window needs to be reseated on its track, or the track adjusted so it closes strait. Altogether most of these jobs are just spending the time, and the total cost to fix all of these will be about $60.

The main job that needs to be done is the cosmetics of the car. The front and rear fascias need to be repainted (possibly the louvers) due to fading since it was a Nevada car. The dash binnacle needs to be replaced due to cracking, along with the a-pillars due to warping, all from heat damange. I may need to repaint the dash (not sure yet as it has a dash cover on it, cannot tell how faded it is from the pictures). Along with those items, the side panels behind the passenger and driver will eventually need to be replaced, as the drivers side is missing the bolster, and the passenger side is coming away from the metal (may be an easy patch job). On a not as important note, the carpets are not original and I do not believe the seat covers are original. While in good condition, they may be replaced in the future to bring them back to stock.

Altogether these interior and cosmetic issues should not be too much to fix, and can be done over time. I decided on this car because since it is going to be a daily driver, I want something that I have more faith in due to the updates having been done. I do not want a car with original components that I am replacing a new one every month with the car out of service. We will see how it goes, I just need to wait the several weeks now for delivery. Below are some pictures of the car as well as some shots of the probelm areas. Most of all, this car needs some TLC to shine it up, a good cleaning, wax of the bumpers, thorough cleaning of the interior, as well as the engine bay should spruce it up quite a bit.