Better news, more options

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Today I called up my current insurance company, Allstate, again. I talked to a girl who was extremely rude and basically blew off my request. She said she would call back with a quote in a few hours, and six hours later still nothing. So, per a recommendation from the DML I tried Farmers insurance. They told me they would not insure the car for collision. Of course this is vital, so I said thanks for the help, and moved on.

I decided to try a different Allstate rep, as I like the company, but everyone at the office I called were jackasses. I called an office closer to my house and the lady I spoke to was extremely nice, and we even discussed how she had never insured a DeLorean before. I gave her some DeLorean facts, and after 1/2 hour we had a nice insurance policy set up. I was quoted $824 for every 6 months. Now, this is for a 21 year old with a driving record that is by no means bad, but not fully clean. I had a minor moving violation over a year and a half ago, and a small claim over three and a half years prior. The quote did include a discount for a defensive driving class. This quote is about $160 more than my current insurance for a 2000 Mustang, although the current insurance is on my familys plan, and the quote for the D is on a solo plan. The coverage was better than average, only a step down from their highest. And, from the way it sounds, when a policy is set up they set a value for the car.

On another note, I called a few local mechanics in the hope to find somebody to work on the car when some jobs are a bit too much for me. For example, the first thing I will do when I get the car is get new trailing arm bolts put in. Two specialty shops in the area that focus mainly on imports and exotics say they have worked on a few DeLoreans before, and as long as I provide literature, they would have no problem working on the car. Prices I was quoted was $68 and $75 per hour. I expected a much higher rate, and was quite pleased to find a place that has experience with these cars.