A miss on the quest for a DeLorean

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Well, I checked out the eBay auctions today and there were a few new listings. One was for a car in California that had one owner, 33k miles, and has been stored for 8+ years. They had a buy it now of $8,200 on the car. I figured by the time I added shipping and repair of fuel lines/pump and flushing out the gas tank, it would be upwards of $10k. I am always a bit leery of buying a car without seeing it until it is delivered at my doorstep, as I cannot fly across the country to look at it before it is loaded on a truck. The owner quickly responded to a few of my questions, and seemed fairly nice. I was contemplating bidding on it (and likewise disabling the buy it now ability) but I went back to check on it and somebody had already purchased it. Oh well, I must move on.

There is a possible car in Michigan that is a bit out of my price range, and would need to try to knock the owner down a bit to obtain it. Also, there is another auction on eBay right now for a car in Ohio. The reserve is set over my price range, but I do not think the car will go up that high in bids. Maybe if I am the top bidder (under the reserve) the owner will sell it for that price. I am driving myself nuts searching for D’s day and night online…