The binnacle has been removed! Successfully might I add!

The job was a bit challenging, six small 7mm nuts and washers hold the binnacle in to the dash. I read that it was best to take out the kneepads, but that actually ended up being more pain than it was worth. If you have a thin socket and extension you can get it out without an issue. I ended up stripping one of the bolts in the left kneepad I need to fix, not a big deal though.

I have ordered the LEDs from and decided to go with the below list after reading several sources suggestions:

5 WLED 6-LED White Bulbs - Lights gauges
5 WLED-R 1-LED Wide Red Bulbs - Seat Belt, Door Open, Oil, LAMBDA, Brake
3 WLED-G 1-LED Wide Green Bulbs - Turn Signals, Low Beams
1 WLED-B 1-LED Wide Blue Bulbs - High Beams
1 WLED-A 1-LED Wide Amber Bulb - Low Fuel

You must keep a standard incandescent bulb in the battery light as it causes resistance in the circuit to charge the battery.

I also ordered 2 3610 4-LED bulbs for the license plate as I think I am interested in getting the whitish blue look on the plate. I think that would look nice at night on the back of the car. Below is a picture of my car in storage with the binnacle removed.