As I was reassembling my door panels today after doing the window felt fix, I wanted to tackle another project. The fir trees in my door trim 'pillar' piece that runs up the rear of the drivers side door from the door panel to the head liner had worn out fir trees. Whenever the upper door panel is off, this trim piece falls right out, and is basically only held in from the upper headliner pressure and upper door panel pushing it in place.

Turns out these fir trees are not removable through the plastic, but instead in order to get to them you have to pull up on the vinyl. The fir trees in here are nothing special, the standard 'Ford' size fir trees used elsewhere on the DeLorean can be used here. Just take a dremel to them and cut off the upper connector, so all you have is a fir tree and the flat head so it looks like a T. Pull back the vinyl, remove the old fir tree, and insert the new one.

I then hit up the seam with some 3M Super Spray Adhesive and clothespinned it for several hours to dry. It is now back in place with the vinyl secured, and looks good as new. No need to worry about this piece being loose anymore.