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Jul 26, 2005: Current "To Do" list

Category: General
Posted by: Derek
After working last night, here is the updated list of things to do in order of importance:

1. Fix the "high idle" - going to check the idle speed motor tonight as well as check for vaccum leaks.

2. Replace the tires - already have been ordered from, going with Fuzion 195/60/14s in the front and 225/60/15s in the back (a bit smaller in the back, but a much more common size).

3. Bleed the brakes - will do this on the weekend when the tires are off.

4. Fix the passenger door strut - DMC Houstons strut blew last weekend, and they are out of stock currently. Ordered one from SpecialT to replace it, should be in this week.

5. Fix the bonnet struts - not DMCH struts, but they do not seem to want to hold the hood up.

6. Replace belts - already have them sitting around, just need to be put on.

7. Engine light - bulb works, but switch tends to short out or has some other funky issues. Have a new switch en route.

8. Interior lights - dome lights are all screwed up, enough said. Not sure how to fix, will have to play with.

9. Grease steering wheel - makes a noisy rubber sound when turned, I think the bushing needs to be lubed.

10. Recharge A/C - drivers need cool air too.
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Posted by: Derek
Played around tonight to try to fix the cars idling issue. Right now it idles around 1800-2000 RPM and once the car is driven around 2500. Really have no idea what I am looking at, so off go questions to the DML.

Also tried to fix the passenger side window felt. The front part is completely peeled off, and flapping around as the window is opened and closed. Tried using a plastic PVC glue but it did not hold. Will have to move on to something else.

Jul 24, 2005: More problems

Category: General
Posted by: Derek
Went to get in the passenger side today and heard a 'hissing' sound, followed by the door closing. Yay, blew a gas strut.

Also, had the bonnet up earlier and 'slam!' it decided to close itself. Need new struts there also...
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Posted by: Derek
So, today was the day. The car is home.

Went to pick the car up early this morning, and we were down in Avon, Ohio at 9am. We met the owner at the DMV where we filled out all the paperwork as well as received a temporary tag. He left on a trip directly from the DMV, but we went to his house where the car was waiting for us. Plated it up and set off.

A few things to note at this point...the temperature gauge, volt gauge, and tachometer do not work. From our previous test drive, I only remember the volt gauge not working. In addition, the mode switch is hissing (already knew this needed to be fixed).

We stopped in the first 30 minutes to get gas, and realized at this point that the gas gauge was not working. Better start clocking how long we travel. The car is running cool, no issues.

Continue the drive, stopped every now and then to check the cars heat, buy some fireworks, get food, etc. No issues.

We reach within 20 miles of home, outside Buffalo, and get stuck in traffic at the toll barrier. A ten minute wait turns into my worst nightmare, as 3 cars from the toll, the kid next to me yells "hey your smoking" as my friend is frantically beeping behind me to get my attention. I turned the car off automatically, and ran to the back to open the louvers to get it some cool (85 degree, yay) air. I have coolant spewing all over the place, and just pray no damage is done.

Now I have cars behind me that need to get through, so my friend drove around me and parked, and a nice toll booth worker came out to help us push it off the road. Tow truck was called.

1 1/2 hours later the tow truck showed up, we requested a flatbed, and he was like "Uh, theres a car down the road that needs be towed, I am gonna do him first." Huh?!

45 minutes later, he's back. We are loaded up and start the short drive home. 20 minutes into the trip, as I am driving with him, going 55mph towards an S-curve for the offramp, I hear "OH F**K, I LOST BRAKES AND POWER STEERING". Perfect, as we approach the curve and the 30 foot drop to the grass below. Luckily he downshifts to slow us and has enough control over the truck to get us off the thruway.

10 minutes later, the bastard dumps my car and takes off, without even calling another tow truck. AAA is gonna hear about this for sure. Call AAA and get another truck en route.

1 hour later, car is loaded up on truck #2, and heading home (again). Arrives without a problem, and is unloaded in front of the house. The trip is complete, with a broken D in tow.

See pictures:

Category: General
Posted by: Derek
The trip paid off, in a great way. I am now the owner of vin # 10084.

Background on the car: It is a 1982 manufactured in December 1981, with the later flat style hood with logo. It has a ANSI radio w/o clock, and a power antenna. Grey interior, and only 3,300 miles! The car is for the most part all original, right down to the tires. The car is in very good physical shape, but does have some issues that need to be fixed before it is fully functional. The following needs to be fixed:

- Air is broken right now, there is a hissing behind the dash, so the mode switch diaphram needs to be replaced. It may be more than this, such as a recharge or low pressure switch, but the owner said he jumped the compressor and it blew cold air.

- Lights that do not work - door, trunk, and engine compartment. May just be fuses, or that they were unplugged for show purposes.

- Tail light flickers, needs to be cleaned and bolt tightened.

- Reverse lights do not work, most likely bad connection on the reverse light switch, or a bad switch in general.

I have a long list of parts I am going to order, and am going to spend the first week doing an intense rehab on the car. Should be exciting! Here are some pictures:

Jul 14, 2005: Car shopping... the list

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Posted by: Derek
Getting ready to go on a weekend trip to browse for a DeLorean. There are two cars in Ohio (about 3 hours from home, and the second is another hour away) and two in Michigan (2 1/2 hours from the Ohio cars) which puts me 3 1/2 hours away from home as I drive around the lake. The first car in Ohio is a car on consignment, 1982, creased hood, 19k miles. The second car is from an estate, 1982, flat hood w/logo, 3k miles, looks really nice. The third in Michigan is a second owner car, 1982, creased hood, 27k miles. Finally, the fourth I have little information on, as it has been in storage for several years and does not run, I think I may pass at looking on this one. All cars are listed between $13k and $15k, found on Collector Car Trader Online and Hemmings. Should be a fun weekend.
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Posted by: Derek
Lesson #1: See a car before you commit to buying, and do not fly across the country to do so. Stay local, or within a weekends drive.

So, I found several cars for sale in the area that are a bit higher priced than the car in Kansas that I passed on. I feel that it would be better to pay the slightly higher price for a car with fewer issues, as well as being able to inspect first. Unfortunately I am going to be away this weekend so I will have to wait until next weekend to go browse.
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Posted by: Derek
Flew into Kansas City, then drove the 3 hours to Wichita to meet the person handling the sale of the car. Pictures looked relatively the same as the car, but there were several problems that were not mentioned that the car had. The most important of the bunch were non-working brake lights, a cracked windshield, broken emergency/parking brake, as well as a missing air hose. The car would have needed to be driven back, and I was not satisfied that it would make it, and in addition the angle drive I needed installed was not. The car ran rough, and had problems staying running while idling (which is completely the opposite as the owner said the car was mechanically solid). Decided not to take the car, and flew home instead. Altogether a dissapointment.

Jul 01, 2005: T minus 23 hours

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Posted by: Derek
In less than 23 hours, I will be down in Wichita inspecting and taking delivery of the car. Ran into some possible problems today, as the parts that were sent to the owner made it down there, but I do not know if he installed the angle drive to fix the speedometer. He is going to be out of town for the weekend, and has already left, as his friend is handling the transaction and sale of the car. Hopefully he did install it, or I will be getting greasy before I start to head back. Will know more later today...