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Jan 22, 2008: Car on a lift

Category: General
Posted by: Derek
The DeLorean Club of Florida ( had a tech day this weekend with a lift. Was able to get the car put up to investigate with a much better perspective than crawling around on my back like usual. Here are some pics.

Jan 20, 2008: Radiator reinstall pics

Category: Mechanical
Posted by: Derek
Haven't really worked on the car at all over the last few months, however, we had a club tech day this weekend and I was able to get some pictures of the radiator fully reinstalled when the car was up on a lift.

I had painted all the brackets that were rusty and deteriorating, touched up paint on the A/C condenser, and had to touch up some paint on the radiator that chipped while installing. Here are the pictures of it back in place.