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Mar 11, 2007: Also fixed window felt

Category: Maintenance
Posted by: Derek
When I had the passenger door apart I also took the time to fix the window felt strip on the inside of the door. Mine was coming unglued and gunking up the passenger window. Simply unscrewed the bracket, removed the old strip, cleaned with goo gone, and replaced with the soft side of a velcro strip. Hopefully the glue holds, but only time will tell. Works really well for the time being. Here is a quick picture:

Category: Electrical
Posted by: Derek
Wanted to do an overhaul on the door lock system just to get rid of my old door lock module. While I have not had any problems with it, I decided to pick up Toby's new door lock module and actuator system. Let me just say that it is extremely easy to install this (once you get inside the doors), and everything is extremely well built with easy to follow directions. The new system works very nice, the one difference is that it staggers the door locks, unlocking or locking the drivers side first followed 1/2 a second later by the passenger side. This is designed to take even more of a load off the electrical system. It connected very easily to the alarm that I also purchased from him. Unfortunately I did not have my camera on hand for the actuator install, but here is a shot of the door lock module mounted:

The trunk actuator was also very simple to install, albeit a bit more time consuming for me when running the wires to the rear of the car and connecting to the existing alarm (pretty much because I am anal). Simply mount it up, make a few slight changes to the existing latch, and then give the actuator a power connection and ground. Works very nice and is especially useful to keep wear off the original cable (and good as a backup).