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Category: General
Posted by: Derek
Had a tech day with the DeLorean Club of Florida ( and got some things accomplished with the car.

(1) Finally got the horns fixed, wired up a horn relay. Will be posting more info on the whole procedure soon.

(2) Sanded and spraypainted the metal bracket against the back wall of the engine bay as it was all rusted.

(3) Replaced my glove box light so now it works.

(4) Fixed steering wheel turn signal issue.

(5) Added new hood stops and replaced some plastic caps on the wiper arms.

Not a ton, just hanging out and mostly having fun. Three things I am glad are off my list now.
Category: Mechanical
Posted by: Derek
Only a bit of a problem getting the rotors shaved down. The first place I went to was being operated by a moron who couldn't figure out how to measure the thickness of the rotor. Second place had no issue. So getting those shaved down saved a few bucks.

Got all the new parts in, rebuilt calipers from Special T Auto with anti-squeal shims, anti-rattle shims, and some nice organic brake pads. Picked up the stainless steel brake lines to cut down on brake fade, and picked up DMCH's remanufactured, correctly proportioned master cylinder.

While I was finishing taking apart the rest of the brake components, it looked like I may have just been starting to get a master cylinder leak, so I am glad everything is getting replaced. My main concern was getting the wheel bearings pressed out of the hubs and new ones pressed in (yeah, I got new bearings from Special T Auto also). But, found a nice small machine shop not too far away that took care of it for $40 total. Came out real nice.

Started putting things back together tonight, mostly everything is finished except for a bit to go on the passenger rear parking brake. Still need to get the master cylinder bench bled and installed tomorrow, and start pumping the new fluid throughout the system. Should be some fun stuff. Can't wait to take her for a spin and try everything out, I'll be able to stop smoothly now! :)

Jan 07, 2007: Brake overhaul status

Category: Mechanical
Posted by: Derek
Continued on today removing brake components after I had to buy and borrow some more tools yesterday. To this point I have flushed the old brake fluid out of the system, removed the front calipers, hubs, and unbolted the rotors from the hubs. In the rear I have removed the parking brake, rear calipers, and rear rotors. Will be dropping off the rotors tomorrow to get shaved, hopefully will save some $ and not need new ones, although I feel the fronts may need to be replaced as the drivers has already been shaved due to a previous stuck caliper. Here are some disassembly pictures:

Jan 06, 2007: Fixing frame rust

Category: Maintenance
Posted by: Derek
Finished today with the cross beam of the frame beneath the engine. For anyone interested in doing this, you need the following:

POR-15 (silver or gray)
60/150/400 grit sandpaper
Sanding block
Chisel/Screwdriver/something to scrape
Paint brush
Krylon Smoke Gray
Optional but recommended (mask/safety glasses/gloves)

Sand down and chip away loose epoxy from the rusted areas, use something and scrape in around the hardened epoxy as some will chip off and will get you a better surface to prep/paint. Sand down all rusted areas and try to blend epoxy down into bare frame. Follow POR-15 instructions with prepping and cleaning surface, paint. Go over with 400 grit sandpaper and grind down any bubbles or drips. Spray over with Krylon paint.

Here are some pictures of the frame after the POR-15 and before the Krylon paint:

For the hole in the first picture, this is drainage and the whole area is hollow, you can see through it from either side of the car behind the wheel. I had some rust up in here so I scraped whatever I could reach, and as I couldn't see where I was painting in there with POR-15 I bought Rustoleum Smoke Gray paint also and plugged one end while I sprayed lots of paint in from the other end.

Here are some before and after pictures:

Altogether I am happy with how it came out. I am sure you can make it look more stock/flat if you really sand it down flush. For me it was hard as I had the car on jack stands and wanted to touch up and stop the rust that was already there. The Krylon Smoke Gray paint does not match perfectly, its a bit darker gray, but I am sure after it gets dirty again you won't be able to tell the difference.