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Jun 28, 2006: New 'to do' list

Category: General
Posted by: Derek
Now that I have had time to play around more that the valley of death job is done, I have put together a new 'to do' list. Some of these jobs are easy, some a tiny bit more complicated...

(1) Tackle the engine rough start issue. This can be attributed to several things, so I am going to do the following:
- Replace the Thermo-Time Switch
- Clean battery grounds
- Check all circuitry in the cold start/hot start circuit
- Possibly replace warm up regulator if still running rough
- Possibly replace the fuel accumulator if still running rough
- Replace fuel filter and 02 sensor

(2) Fix both doors:
- Adjust passenger side hinges so door shuts flush
- Fix drivers side front latch so it actually works
- Replace fir-tree connectors in door panels so they fit more flush
- Replace foam around passenger side bottom door panel as it is ripping

(3) Complete the following misc. stuff:
- Torque rear frame bolts
- Paint louvers with SEM Trim Black
- Rebuild mode switch
- Fix glove box light
- Possibly take torsion bars down one notch
- Finish using leatherique on both seats
- Possibly redye leather seats
- Remove valve covers, paint, & replace gaskets
- Adjust air conditioning cycling
- Touch up frame rust with POR-15
Category: Maintenance
Posted by: Derek
Had a great time on Saturday at the Central Florida DMC club tech session. Managed to get several jobs done on my car that I have been meaning to get to.

#1 was changing the 25 year old transmission oil. Wow that stuff smells. Just took out the top bolt and bottom bolt, drained the smelly old fluid out, & cleaned up the tranny. Then teflon taped the bottom bolt, put it back in, filled her up, and plugged the transmission and she was good to go.

#2 was changing the oil. 3000 miles since the last change which was done August 2005. This time I put in the heavier 20w50 now that I am in a warmer climate. We will see if it makes any difference.

#3 was replacing the old (& partially bent) radio antenna. Picked up the cheap replacement for $14. Bit of a pain to get it lined up right in the vents, but thanks to the help of Mike C. got it installed and working great.

Here are some pictures of the gathering:

Category: Mechanical
Posted by: Derek
Many thanks go out to Brandon for spending the last 4 1/2 hours with me sweating our a$$es off in the Florida heat reassembling my engine in time to get it over to the tech session this weekend.

The first picture is right after we hooked up the vacuum hoses, and Brandon put on the distributor, intake seals, and hooked up the electrical connections. At this point I was under the car getting a nice coolant bath as I disconnected the old heater return valve line and connected the new one up.

The next picture is of the almost fully assembled engine. This is about 3 hours later, and is what I call the "Shit, I forgot I leant Mike H. my idle speed motor!" shot. After all that work and we never got it fully running. Oh well, no biggie. Mike's gonna bring it by tomorrow and we will get it all finished up. Will have to call Brandons cell phone and leave him a voicemail as we get the car started for the first time since the rebuild.

Category: Maintenance
Posted by: Derek
Received my LN-46 power antenna in today that I plan to install at the Central Florida DMC Club tech session this Saturday. Picked it up from for around $14 plus shipping. Should replace my old antenna just fine, as my old one has a bent tip when fully extended.

Also picked up some Valvoline 80w90 transmission oil so I can replace my 25 year old oil and hopefully get a smoother shifting transmission. We will see.

Category: Mechanical
Posted by: Derek
After 4 hours of cleaning the valley (simple green, more simple green, grinding out dirt between crevices with screwdriver, more simple green, more shopvac-ing, more simple green, marine clean, & metal prep) here is a shot of the first coat of POR-15. This stuff seems to go on very thin and needs several strokes as it dries to get a nice painted pattern with no drips.

POR-15 is a rust proofing/rust preventing paint. This area of the DeLorean can retain water or coolant (should there be a leak) which will eat through the block. Very bad stuff. Thus, why it is referred to as the 'valley of death'.

Second coat goes on tomorrow, yay, then this part is DONE.

Category: Mechanical
Posted by: Derek
Ended up getting out the y-pipe but not without a problem. One of the four bolts snapped as it was coming out. Luckily there was enough thread sticking up to get some vise grips on it and turn it out.

Took out the water pump and have it fully disassembled. Getting the bolts out of the back was a complete pain. They were in there VERY tight. Its sitting here waiting to have the new parts replaced and reassembled.

Got the heater return pipe out. I am just going to sand mine down and repaint it, rather than use the bent (crimped) stainless pipe I purchased from a vendor.

Removed the old slave cylinder and replaced it with the part that I have had sitting here for the past 2 months. Good thing too, as the old cylinder was definitely starting to leak. Glad that is finally done, as it is why the engine was torn down in the first place!

The car is ready to have the valley detailed and painted. I need to get moving as the car has to be operable in 2 weeks to make it to the tech session. Pictures below of the current condition of the engine, as well as the heater return pipe I am going to redo, and the one I am sending back.