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Category: General
Posted by: Derek
April 29th 2006 was this years Celebration Exotic Car Show in Celebration, FL. As I have only been in Florida for several days now, I was very much looking forward to meeting the local owners and participating in my first big auto show.

I met up with several owners the previous night at Brandon's house. We worked on prepping the cars for the show, and I had to give my car a bath to clean off all the dirt attached to it from being towed 1,300 miles. After a nice few hours of conversation the mosquitos came out which pretty much broke up the gathering.

We arrived back at Brandon's at 8:30am the next morning to do a caravan to the show. This is my second time in a D caravan, but the first time I was not an owner, just a follower. It was very fun, we took some winding back roads into Disney. Enjoyable and very interesting.

The show turned out to be a success. There were about 12-14 DeLoreans present at any point during the day. Many people seemed to enjoy seeing the cars all gathered together. Of course I did get a few drug comments, and a few flux capacitor jokes, but nothing too bad. The first picture below is the front of my car, if you look close you can see the freshly painted grill and bumper compared to the discoloration of the lower front spoiler which will be worked on soon.

The second picture here is of the 'judges' looking over the engine bay and picking at which parts I didn't buy from them! :) We have Stephen Wynne, Rob Grady, and Tony from DMC Florida.

The remaining pictures are of the line of DeLoreans at the show. If you are familiar with Celebration, we were around the lake in the downtown corridor next to the Celebration Hotel.

Apr 27, 2006: Bumper repaint underway

Category: Exterior
Posted by: Derek
Began this week to repaint the front and rear bumpers. Both had been scraped at the corners by the previous owner, as well as the front bumper having other paint marks on it. Both were looking a bit faded and could use a fresh coat of paint to brighten them up.

For this job I decided to use Duplicolor Trim Black available at Advance Auto Parts. This paint worked fairly well on the bumpers with little trouble. Being not the best at spraypaints I thought this job was pretty painless. More time was spent in taping off the bumpers than anything else.

The only problem I experienced was on the front bumper. Some of the grey paint seems to have begun to peel where the grey meets the black of the bumper. I have not decided how I want to fix it yet, as of now it just looks like a small amount is bubbling, nothing has ripped completely off yet.

Here are some poor (camera phone) pictures of the car taped up before and after. Due to the quality you will probably not be able to tell the difference. Check for the next post regarding the car show for some good pictures of the freshly painted bumper.

Category: General
Posted by: Derek
Made the move yesterday from good old Niagara Falls, NY where I grew up, down to Orlando, FL where they never ever see snow. The DeLorean is in for a treat, as I can drive it all year 'round now. The drive down with the moving truck towing the car was a bit hectic, but we made it down here in one piece. No damage or any problem with the car, besides a lot of dirt. It's actually driving good so far, seems to be idling a bit lower than usual. Check below for some pictures of the car before the journey.

Apr 07, 2006: Updated "to do" list

Category: General
Posted by: Derek
A lot has been finished over the winter. Here is the original list and what has been completed is now crossed off...

(1) Replace plastic coolant bottle and brackets with stainless

(2) Remove and refurbish dash binnacle

(3) Update clutch system : Master & braides steel line, slave remaining

(4) Distributor cap, rotor, and wires

(5) Stereo install & front/rear speakers

(6) Alternator

(7) Pivot bolt replacement

(8) Steering wheel pad recovering

(9) Replace tail light board

(10) Oil pressure light sender

(11) Alarm / remote door unlock system

(12) Repaint louvers
Category: Maintenance
Posted by: Derek
Just a few other simple jobs today, I replaced the ignition coil with Special T Auto's performance coil. Looks nice, car runs very good. This was recommended to me as I had replaced all the spark plugs, wires, cap & rotor but still had the original coil. I would say that it would be a good thing to replace too now that I saw how easy it was if you are doing an ignition tune up.

Also had to replace a blown brake light bulb. Quick and easy, I love when jobs are like that!
Category: Mechanical
Posted by: Derek
To start with, for the life of me I could not find the bleed screw or the slave by simply looking behind the engine. I knew I saw it before. Couldn't find it now. After 30 minutes of searching, grabbing, feeling, etc, I decided to take apart the air intake system so I could shift it forward an inch and get the fuel lines out of the way to see behind it.

Right away, the bolt holding in the throttle plate cover started sticking. I could tell the threads were crossing. I was upset, as I didn't want to have to cut off the head and drill out the bolt. 45 minutes of worrying, and 30 minutes of grabbing it with vice grips and eating away at its head, it was out. The threads had crossed right at the end of the bolt.

Finished unbolting the air intake setup, moved it an inch forward, found the nipple, and went shopping to grab some tube, and a new (and bit shorter) bolt to replace the one that holds the throttle cover in.

Bled the system with no problem, got almost all the fluid out. Getting access to the master cylinder through the access panel was a pain as one of the screws was seized. Pulled out the dremel and off with its head. Replacing the master cylinder was no big deal, and running the new line was just more time consuming than anything. Got it right in the place of the old line.

Now, before I hooked it up to the joint before the metal piece that goes to the slave, per some suggestions I heard it was better to bleed it to this point in order to cause less of a chance of air. I did that, and assumed that after I started to see fluid that if I didn't pump any more it would stop. I was wrong. I had fluid pouring out continually, and ended up covering my arms and part of the transmission. Of course, the connection doesn't seal until the very last twist, so I made a huge mess.

Half hour of cleanup work later, and its now time to attack the slave cylinder. I had no idea how I am supposed to get access to this thing. I could feel the bolts holding it in from under the car, as well as get my arms and a swivel socket up in the loosen them up. Was able to get both bolts spinning slightly. Wanted to unhook the hard line before I went any further.

Spent 20 minutes trying to get the nut holding the hard line into the slave to turn. No luck. It must be frozen solid on there. Decided at that point I had fixed my two main concerns, the leaky master, and the flexing old plastic hose. Put everything back together, and pumped new fluid through the old slave. Disconnected and tightened the bleed screw.

Done for now.