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Category: Mechanical
Posted by: Derek
Todays goal was to replace the pivot bolt which could break off thus causing the car to stick in gear. This is not a 'huge' safety issue like the trailing arm bolts, but important none the less. Plus it only costs $7 for the bolt.

Always jack the car up and make sure it is supported. For this job, I just jacked up the rear of the car. The bolt is located in the middle of the car in a small cutout in the frame. Its a tight fit. Removing the old bolt is no problem, and easily done with a box and socket wrench.

Putting the new bolt in could tend to be an issue, as the head has an allen opening, and the allen wrench is included with the bolt. I found it easiest to cut the allen wrench handle in half for a better fit in the small hole you have to work. Tape the end of the cut wrench with some electrical tape, as you do not want sharp metal to come in contact with the fuel line right above you.

In terms of the locking nut, on my car it just fit on and didn't have a lot of room to work its way up the bolt. No problem. Also, make sure you do not over tighten the bolt or the locking nut, the tighter it is the stiffer and harder it will be to shift. You may need to make an adjustment after the fact, I had to loosen mine a bit.

All in all not a bad job. Also spent a few minutes to adjust the parking break. Turned out both sides needed a bit of a twist, before the car would not hold itself on an incline with the break engaged.
Category: Electrical
Posted by: Derek
First, for those who think the binnacle would not look good with LEDs, or look too dim, heres a pic for you. Rather than replace with the WLED-W white bulbs on I used the WLED white 6 LED bulb. It is bright, gives the car a more modern white with a tint of blue light, and looks great with the odometer and tripometer.

Now for those who have been asking for the stereo install pics, here they are. Along with them, I also got in pics of the new A/C panel setup. I followed what Delorean03 suggested with using 3 blue LEDs for the backlighting and 1 red LED for the temp selector lighting. 2 reds for the door lock and fan fail, and 1 amber for the defrost (yes I used the defrost several times last year). I took the first pic with a slightly different exposure and a garage light on that definitely shows a more uniform lighting appearance with the LEDs on the A/C panel. The rest were on a high exposure to get the most color I could, taken in complete darkness. The last picture is of the stereo opened.

Category: Exterior
Posted by: Derek
The DeLorean's compartment was starting to show its age. While the car has low mileage, sitting for such a long time caused the stickers to yellow and peel, not to mention the water bottle was yellowed and cracked, and the metal hosing next to it was rusting.

Yesterday I replaced the coolant bottle and brackets with a new stainless one which definitely cleans up a rusted and yellowed part of the compartment. Over the last week I wiped down some of the water hoses, covered all the electrical wire (or as much as I could) with plastic loom, replaced the throttle cover with a stainless one, replaced the sticker on the engine wiring compartment, A/C compressor, and airbox, and replaced the metal air hose with a new one. It looks 10x better now, and much neater.