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Category: General
Posted by: Derek
I have placed an order for the following parts the other day that should be in tomorrow:

- Pivot bolt replacement
- Tie rod end replacements
- Blending pad & stainless steel cleaner
- Distributor cap & rotor
- W pipe seals

This should knock off the remaining engine tuneup that needs to be done with the spark plug wires and distributor hopefully finally getting installed. Along with that, the tie rods need to be replaced ASAP, and I would like to do the pivot bolt to guard against the old one snapping. Plus, the blending pad and cleaner will hopefully finally remove some stains and imperfections from the car.

Sep 03, 2005: Updated to-do list

Category: General
Posted by: Derek
1. Replace the front caliper

2. Replace the belts and bearings

3 a. Engine tune-up kit - spark plugs

3 b. Engine tune-up kit - distributor and wires

4. Pivot bolt replacement - seems like this breaking could be a bad thing, and its only $10 to fix. Do not want to be driving and lose the ability to shift.

5. Tie rod replacement - The rubber padding thing on mine have completely cracked and decayed. Need to order some new ones and get them on.

6. Clean the stainless - need to order a blending pad and some cleaner.

7. Fix interior dome light

8. LEDs in the car

9. Repaint the louvers - they are looking faded, need to take off and repaint.

10. Louver reinforcement - I have found a small crack in the louver support, so would like to get Rob Gradys reinforcement kit.