Front Frame Rust Repair

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For those that have not seen it, here is my previous post and how-to instructions on frame rust repair: “How-To: Fixing Frame Rust”

During the front suspension work I wanted to take the time to touch up the remaining frame rust on 10084 that has been present since I purchased it over 5 years ago. Because of its location it was very hard to reach when I initially was doing the frame touch-up, but with all of the suspension components removed it was much more accessible.

Some things I have learned since my previous frame rust post: ACE Hardware Smoke Grey paint is a closer match than the Krylon I initially used. Also – a cordless drill with a wire wheel brush helps speed up flaking epoxy removal.

Here are some pictures of the front areas from the drivers and passengers side during the repair. You can see the POR-15 as it stands out as very silver compared to the frames grey color.

And for comparison, the before and after pictures: