How To: Replace Fuel Pump & Clean Tank

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Parts needed:
– Fuel pump
– Fuel screen
– Hoses
– and any other part you wish to replace while you are ‘in there’. Refer to DMC part diagram 2-1-0

Tools needed:
– Flat / phillips screwdrivers
– 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 19mm socket & wrenches
– Torque wrench
– Adjustable wrenches
– Shop towels
– Siphon
– Bucket or empty jugs
– Acetone
– Long screw driver and duct tape recommended

First, empty your luggage compartment, remove spare tire, remove access plate to fuel tank.

Remove clamp around boot. Remove top boot so you have access to the fuel lines off the return line and pump. Remove return line and pump line. It is recommended that you label these if you are unfamiliar with their orientation. Wipe up dispensed gas and push aside. Take long screwdriver and duct tape siphon hose onto the end. Stick in tank in sender hole. Depending on the length of your siphon hose you may need to route it behind the passenger wheel well and around the A/C accumulator.

Pump gas out of tank until empty. If gas is clean you can store in a container for lawn mower, generator, etc. If gas is bad you should dispose of it properly. Now unplug fuel pump and lift boot out of tank. Remove the two hoses attached to pump and return line. Check to see if there is any remaining fuel now that you have better tank access and remove if present.

Using 10mm socket or wrench disconnect pickup unit in tank. You will have to take it apart in the tank and remove it a piece at a time. Be careful this is old plastic that has sat in fuel for 27+ years. Use shop cloths and acetone to clean the baffle. Here is a dirty baffle and a dirty tank:

And a cleaned upper part of the baffle:

Use shop rags to remove any remaining gas and clean up as much residue in the tank. Once you have removed as much as possible, pour in acetone and use rags to clean and wipe down the inside of the tank. To reach in you will most likely need to ‘ride’ the passenger side fender:

Once acetone has dried, reassemble the baffle in the tank. It should sit between the grooves toward the drivers side of the tank. Make sure to set up the springs the same way they were when you removed the baffle. Once finished it should look like this:

Reassemble in the same order you removed items. It is recommended while you are in there to replace all clamps/hoses/etc. When installing the new pump, the torque setting for the dome nut on the pump banjo bolt is 11 ft/lbs. It should be a 19mm nut. The positive connection nut on the pump is 7mm and the negative is 8mm. When replacing the pump and boot, be sure not to kink the pickup line. It is best to use the sender hole at this point to make sure you have everything installed and not kinked.

Finally, reconnect fuel line and return line, replace boot, clamps, and you are set. You should put a few gallons of fresh gas in the car now, then fill the tank up to max and check for any leaks.