Engine Bay Repaint

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One ‘defect’ with my car that has bothered me was that my engine bay was looking very worn for such a low mileage car. I don’t know if it was just from past owner neglect, but it was getting under my skin. Some areas were flat, some were lighter grey, some were shiny black. Everything else in the engine compartment looked nice, but the bay just ruined it.

So I spent several hours over the course of a week getting the engine disassembled, parts removed from the walls, hoses tied up to the center block, etc etc to get easier access to the engine bay walls. I wanted to get this cleaned and fixed.

There are two ways to clean up the engine bay. The first is to use acetone and wipe down the walls. This may sound strange, but the fiberglass has a gelled outer layer that acetone does not harm. When wiping it down it results in a shiny look which also shows the natural grain of the fiberglass. I tried it in sections and while it looked nice, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue it to the upper pontoon under the windows, and if not, didn’t think I would like the difference between the bay and the upper pontoon.

So I spent another eight hours in one day wetsanding, cleaning, and taping/masking the engine bay. Finally the first coat of paint went on yesterday. Here are some pictures with the original as a comparison. I am using SEM Trim Black for this.