DMC Florida Passenger Door Dent Removal

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Went down to DMC Florida yesterday to get my unsightly Previous Owner body wound fixed. At some point my PO must have dropped something onto the door’s A-pillar side frame and put a nice crease in it. I have a few other small blemishes on the car but this by far stood out when you walked down the passenger side. Saw Stephen at the Celebration Exotic show a few years ago and he had said that DMC had a technique to remove these types of dents now without going in from behind, which is impossible with this pillar as it is boxed in. The technique consists of a spot weld type wand with a pad and arm on the tip. The pad sits on the car on one end of the arm, and midway down the arm is the tip welder which you then use the arm as leverage to ‘lift’ the dent up. It was quite interesting to say the least.

So I met up with Skip and Kevin @ DMC Florida a little after 9am. Kevin got to work on the car and within 2 hours my dent was gone. It was very interesting to watch him work, and it came out flawless. Now I want to start saving up some cash so I can get the other marks in my car cleaned up as well! I wanted to thank Kevin and Skip for coming out on Saturday to work on my car. Its nice to have the option of the shop being open on Saturday to make it easier for us owners in Florida who work during the week and just need ‘while you wait’ type work. Kevin was fantastic with the metal work, take a look at the before and after pictures below.