Summer Job List

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I have been very busy lately and had little time to work on the car. Since the last update the DeLorean Club of Florida had their annual gathering at the Celebration Exotic Car Show. It turned out to be a big success with 18 cars in attendance, our highest record to date.

I still have plenty of stuff to do with the car, and several jobs I look to get finished this summer. Here is my ‘to do’ list with the status of each job…

(1) Fix A/C Leak – I have all the tools: vaccuum pump, manifold gauges, R12, freon sniffer, and I put the leak dye in the system. Need to let it sit for a few weeks and then check the car for leaks. Want to replace the compressor & accumulator regardless of where the leak is found.

(2) Replace Radiator & Install Low Power Fans – Already bought Toby’s low power fans, still need to buy a brass radiator and while the system is drained replace the cooling hoses under the car as the rest of the engine bay was done during the Valley of Death rebuild.

(3) Regrain The Car – I have started playing with sanding down the stainless to give it a good grain. The previous owner seemed to just hit spots with sandpaper when he couldn’t get something off, so there are marks all over the car that are not in the parallel brushed style. Looks bad. Already started on the passenger door, 60 grit paper, and I am going to step up to 80 grit and probably top it off with a blending pad/stainless steel cleaner.

(4) Remove Valve Covers, Paint, Replace Seals – Already have the seals and the paint, just need the time.

(5) Paint Engine Bay – Have the SEM Trim Black paint, also just need the time.

(6) Remove & Repaint Windshield Trim – Again, have the paint, just need time. 🙂

(7) Replace Outer Door Seals – Have these on hand too, waiting until the regraining is done so I don’t scuff them up.