Previous owners are a pain – torsion bar fix

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So, I have a dent in the passenger side door from the previous owner. Something fell on it in a garage. Something heavy. Knocked the door out of alignment so it doesn’t close properly and scrapes when opening. Its gotten to the point now that the car is actually being used that it has to be fixed, since it also hits the t-panel and its starting to bend. What is the fix? Loosening the door hinge and pulling the door back out a hair. But it can’t be done with the torsion bar installed due to to the tension.

On to taking out the torsion bar. Simple 10 minute job for the Florida guys. Not our first time. First for this car though. Off comes the finishing panel, which shows that oooohh, someone has adjusted them a notch before as is obvious from the pencil marks. Up a notch rather than just buying the $50 door struts. Cheapness.

Take the first bolt out and holy shit, was this thing stripped. So was the hole. Seems like the time they were out last they stripped the bolt, then reinstalled it stripped which stripped the hole. F&*KING GREAT. Get to retap these babies when everything is going to get reinstalled. Oh wait a second, the bracket isn’t budging like it usually does. Out comes the hammer, some screwdrivers to pry, and PB Blaster. 15 minutes later, the brackets still attached. Everyone is scratching their heads. Lets put it back in for a minute to think.

One problem, the bolts don’t do SHIT. So its back in, barely holding, probably been barely holding for quite some time, but now I know its like that its going to bother me. What to do…

Yes. This is a torsion bar out of the car with the plate still stuck to it. With the T-Panel out we fully extended the passenger door so from looking behind it was like \ to relieve some tension, and then tested to see how much more we needed to get the bar our. Believe it or not it was just a hair further than the rear glass window. Figures. Wrapped the torsion bar in towels, put some buffer between the glass and the bracket, and beat the shit out of the bracket until it backed the bar out of the door hinge.

Special thanks goes out to the Florida group for the help.

Now its time to order a new one. I don’t think this can be salvaged, I thought of machine pressing it out but the head is already too big from probably the PO jamming a larger tool in to get it out. It’s almost as if it torqued in the bracket and melded the metals. Just my luck.