Engine cleanup & coolant bottle replacement

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The DeLorean’s compartment was starting to show its age. While the car has low mileage, sitting for such a long time caused the stickers to yellow and peel, not to mention the water bottle was yellowed and cracked, and the metal hosing next to it was rusting.

Yesterday I replaced the coolant bottle and brackets with a new stainless one which definitely cleans up a rusted and yellowed part of the compartment. Over the last week I wiped down some of the water hoses, covered all the electrical wire (or as much as I could) with plastic loom, replaced the throttle cover with a stainless one, replaced the sticker on the engine wiring compartment, A/C compressor, and airbox, and replaced the metal air hose with a new one. It looks 10x better now, and much neater.