Stereo and speaker upgrade

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Well, the car has made its return from storage back home yesterday. Got a LOT accomplished. In regards to the stereo system, with the help of a friend we first started by cutting and splicing in the new radio harness to the old car wiring, and removing all the old speaker wire. We ran new wire to the front speakers and through the center console area to the back shelf for the rear speakers.

We then began to mount the panel bracket that I had cut with the stereo and vents preinstalled. Slowly and carefully we reconnected each switch, ground, and light to where it should go in the bracket. We lined up the A/C vents and screw holes, and connected the radio to the rear mounting bracket. Everything went good, but took some time. Tested the stereo out and it had power. Thought we were good to go.

Went to install the rear speakers. Removed the weather stripping and sliced through the rear panel. Removed the seatbelt and screw. Were able to pry the panels out enough to loosen the clamp and take out the old speakers. Fished through the new wire and had the new speakers hooked up in no time. Tested the stereo speakers and everything worked well. Reglued the panels and reattached the weatherstripping. Looks good and stock.

Went to start messing with the stereo and realized it would not save the memory of what it was doing last. After some fishing we found out that the constant and switched wires were hooked up backwards. A quick fix and everything was set. Reassembled the center console and went to put the A/C panel back on when the new sticker started to peel apart. Ugh. No big deal, contacted DMCH and hope to get a replacement soon. Once its in, everything will be back together.