Rear speakers purchased

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I went ahead and also ordered replacement speakers for the rear panels of the DeLorean. When I received the car only one speaker, the front passenger side, had worked. The rest, nothing. When I went and replaced the front speakers, for some reason the front drivers side still had no sound until I spliced the sound off the working passenger side speaker. Odd. So right now all my speaker wiring is screwed up.

Since I have the console apart I want to run the new wiring to all speakers and connect it right to the head unit to bypass all of the 1980’s wires. I also want to reroute them as right now the wires are run simply draped under the carpeting behind the drivers and passenger seat.

I ended up going with the Eclipse SE-8405 speakers, purchased off of eBay. I went with these because it is what DMCH uses (along with my front speakers) in their car audio upgrades. It is also the only 3-way speaker I could find in the 4×10″ size. The following link has information on the speaker and specs: