New part order placed

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Just got off the phone with Warren at DeLorean Motor Company Houston and placed an order for assorted parts to fix several things on the car. Ended up ordering an A/C decal, fan switch, and several screws to finish the odd work needed on my A/C center panel when I finish installing the stereo.

Also picked up the side marker light rubber gaskets, as all of my lights have the rubber shedding on them. Along with that grabbed two red lenses as one is cracked, and the other is scraped from where the previous owner hit something. And screws to hold those in and some more screws to replace the decaying ones in the license plate bracket.

Still more parts! Finishing up the order was the steel ducting in the engine compartment near the coolant bottle. Mine is rusting out, and I want to replace this when I get to the coolant bottle.

Now on the list of parts to get (either today or soon):

-Stainless coolant bottle, brackets, & cap
-4×10″ rear speakers to install while the center console is out
-LEDs: need to get rid of the green in the dash as the new sticker has white letters, and maybe grab some for the side markers.