Some interior work finished, more started

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Today I also finished piecing back together the kneepads and steering wheel cover that I removed when cleaning/adding LEDs to the binnacle of the DeLorean. I had stripped a bolt and fixed it which is why it was not finished with the original work. But, the big task accomplished was the removal of the center console and A/C dash bracket. I wanted to take this out to cut out a DIN socket for the new radio rather than cut it while still in the car. While doing this I decided to pop out the ash tray of the center console to look at for possibly modifying into a iPod dock, and remove the rheostat to replace with a radio remote control. In addition, I am going to clean up the A/C vents as I think they had a bit of dead mold on them. As the car is away and in storage, I can’t wait until the weather warms up and I can put the DeLorean back on the road again.