Accomplishing some work on the DeLorean…at last!

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Finally got around to completing some work on the DeLorean today. First up was replacing the oil light pressure sender to stop an oil leak. It was best to do this job with a 3/8 ratchet, extension, swivel socket, and 15/16″ deep socket. The 15/16″ socket can be replaced with a 23mm socket (the correct one) if you would like a tigher fit, but good luck finding one. I replaced my sender with a newer version from DMCH that is supposed to hold up better against leaks. They sent a copper washer, but I had also purchased one from Gradys. Even though they were the same size, DMCH’s was rounded where Gradys was flat. I decided to go with the flat one which looks like it would provide a tighter seal.

Not too bad of a job, the picture below shows the “after” shot as compared to the “before” shot a few posts down. I spent about 15 minutes trying to clean under the car with simple green to remove the caked on oil, but I didn’t have the car on a ramp and it was cold in the garage, so I’ll have to finish cleaning it when it warms up. The second picture shows the sender electrical plug that was on the car, looks like it had touched the catalytic converter and melted the heat tubing and half of the wire. Decided to cut it off, pull it out, and replace it (didn’t finish that today, its on my list).