Planned winter jobs

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Haven’t had any updates recently as I have been busy selling my old car and obtaining a winter junker. However, I do have a list of things I would like to do over the winter months. Here is the list…

– Replace plastic coolant bottle and brackets with stainless : this is one of the ugliest parts of the engine bay, as the bottle is yellowing and the brackets are completely rusted.

– Remove and refurbish dash binnacle : there is some dirt at the bottom of the binnacle lens, the black frame around it is coming loose and needs to be reglued, and a left turn signal flashing light is out. Will probably replace all light bulbs with new ones as I do not want to have to open it again any time soon.

– Update clutch system : would like to put a new clutch master and slave cylinder, along with the stainless braided line. The clutch has a bit of trouble when it is warm slipping into 2nd gear, hope this will fix it.

– Distributor cap, rotor, and wires : still haven’t gotten around to this job yet, but I have all the parts ready to go.

– Stereo install : already have the front speakers done, but still need to replace the back speakers, as well as a new head unit, and run new speaker wires.

– Alternator : would very much like to get around to upgrading the alternator to a D110.

– Pivot bolt replacement : have the part, just haven’t gotten around to installing it yet.

– Repaint louvers: possibly. Ended up polishing them up with compound which removed some of the old and discolored texture on the louvers.

– Misc. cleanup : including a new steering wheel center pad, and other touchup jobs.

– Wishful thinking : if the money is around, new springs and shocks.